lena horne, a woman of courage.

it never really seems right to me, to say “rest in peace” when somebody passes. i only say it because i think everyone will likely know what i mean.

ms. horne once said she was a slow bloomer in life, but whatever her pace was she left a powerful body of work behind. her presence to me was always filled with a fire that was compassionate and searching, somehow both earthy and a little otherworldy. she could growl but she could also ring out like crystal. her southern-isms were the mortar that held the bricks together, something that made you feel like she was *talking* to you. i loved the feeling that you got from her of focus and meaning. a woman that beautiful could have been content to be a pretty voice, but Lena Horne was always searching for more. she was courageous. and she will be missed.


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