Happy Mother’s Day!

I remember the Arrested Development song that came out long before I was a mother, “Mama’s Always On Stage.” In those days I wore a fringed buckskin coat and shaved head, so just at the time AD came out with their message of a new Black Consciousness I was, briefly but coincidentally, in fashion.

The chorus of “Mama’s Always On Stage” often popped into my mind after my son was born, the idea that he was watching me, always aware of what I was doing mixed with the ideas and memories and images of being a performer. That he loves to sing and has a fabulous voice is a part of family and community legacy that I am proud to share with him as a parent, and something that I got from mine, and that they got, I have heard, from theirs.

I think Mothering is something that we do that represents the unconditional loving, the safe haven, the unshakeable emotional bond that anchors us to Earth, and while biological mothers know something about that bond in a visceral way that those who haven’t given birth can’t know, no one is excluded from having that powerful capability to spread love, to nurture, to provide a place where there’s room for anything. It can be a project or a pet or a plant or a person, but mothering is definitely an act to me, a verb, a process, one that I think I am constantly working on defining. And something that I think starts with self and Spirit and Mother Earth..


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