revisiting the top 100 hip hop list

i can’t pretend i was ever a b-girl. my energy was diverted into jazz just at the time hoip hop was really taking off. so i got the early stuff – grandmaster flash, erik b and rakim, Kool Moe Dee, the early latifah, KRS One – into the Black Renaissance Period – Tribe, Jungle Brothers, – into the groovy stuff – PM DAwn, Arrested Development,  De La Soul – and by the time gangster rap really started up I was looking back for a safer world. Old school reggae and Jazz 101.

BUt I’m having a lot of fun watching this VH1 special, from 2008. The list is strangely weighted, and seems to have been written with come other criteria than “the best” in mind, but that song will come by that just KILLS, in a beautiful way.


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