Re-released, for your pleasure – The Water Project!

In the early 90’s , I collaborated a lot with a great drummer, papa and all-around mensch named Bennie Murray. Bennie’s resume is pretty extensive (Black Rock Coalition, Punk Funk Mob, Sila and the AfroFunk Experience, etc). Wwe met in another band, called “henry”, but decided to go off on our own, and, using a massively chunky reel-to-reel, a four track, old fashioned drum machines, and my trusty Fender and no-name bass, I think we wrote some good songs. “Angels” in particular is one I am very proud of – I wrote it in my car in between sets by the band Blackpole. They were only interested in white girls, but still I was a devoted fan, a persistent little sister.

Unfortunately, the only recordings we have are rather lo-fidelity cassette tapes – fortunately, we have *something* to document that very creative time in our lives. I’ve messed around with the tracks a very little bit to try to maximize what’s there, but it amounts to turning it up to 10 and hoping for the best. I do hope to rerecord these songs someday.

Original compositions by Bennie Murray and Alison Johns

Alison Johns: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

Bennie Murray: Drums, Keyboards

@rochnchr productions and pomegranate, lotus and plum 2010: all rights reserved


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