has this ever happened to you?

it was like this:

i’m in Trader Joe’s for a quick in and-out – some bubbly water and pink lemonade for “Juicy Soda” (1/5 – 1/4 juice, the rest carbonated water). sweats, minimal make-up, i even forgot to put on earrings. i’ve been too busy trying to work on three simultaneous songs and feeling a little at sea with things. and as i walk in over the in-store satellite radio comes a perfect pop song.

and i’m standing in the 15 items or less line and there are several people bopping around, one girl goes into a full on dance and then checks herself, and i’m like “f*** it” and i close my eyes and just focus on the bass line – oh my god! – and the whole arrangement is fabulous (the vocal harmonies, the strings, the horns, the modulation, all the little things that are so perfectly presented to your ear – QUINCY!) of course but it’s almost like, i’ve heard this song a thousand times in the past almost 30 years and yet today i just heard it again and loved it all over again. i know bach and bartok and certainly mozart would be impressed by the beautiful, generous execution of such a feat: sonic magic. pleasure and happiness for the taking for ANYBODY with ears. and i’m dancing in line and i don’t care who sees me, or thinks what, because this is my religion and my reason to be. i wonder what their approach to sound would have been if they were making this album with live musicians today – and the clench i my chest when i think how that isn’t possible, i mean why that isn’t possible…

i know somebody out there knows what i mean.


(ps: great article on the bassists that worked with MJ here)


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