i want to show you….

..whose birthday it is today! Jimi Hendrix.

I’m constantly learning things, and I like it that way. When Mimi Fox offered to produce my album a year ago, I thought I knew what the job requirements were, but I realize now there a lot of ways to get that job done. One of the producers whose work I am researching is Craig Street, who worked with a hero of mine, Cassandra Wilson.

I found this article,”Craig Street: Studio Environmentalist” and read this line:

(Street) worked as a photographer and did some programming for a public radio station in Berkeley. In 1981, he and some colleagues received a grant from National Public Radio to produce a four-hour documentary on Jimi Hendrix.

I know that that radio station was KPFA, and one of those colleagues mentioned was Bari Scott.

Ms. Scott was still at KPFA when I started there, as the head of a gone-but-not-forgotten department called the Third World Department. And, to my recollection, she was all about sound. This week Pacifica offered a “long lost” documentary on Jimi Hendrix as one of its premiums, and I managed to catch snippets as I was driving around. Jimi’s voice is unmistakable, like caramel and pixy sticks. Like hearing an old friend. I wasn’t prepared to hear another familiar voice enter into the mix – Bari Scott‘s.

One day KPFA will get it together, and put these golden moments now growing dusty in the Archives on the web to be streamed live for anyone, downloaded for free or for a fee, and inspiring radio programmers, dj’s, musicians, poets and activists to dream on that scale that Jimi and George and all the greats must be dreaming on – in the words of Bootsy Collins, where the sky’s the limit, and there is no sky.


i wish they hadn’t cut to the limo scenes at the end of this video – unnecessary at the very least – but the performance is so beautiful.


3 responses to “i want to show you….

  1. Devon Strolovitch

    We just produced a new Hendrix documentary based on the new boxed set “West Coast Seattle Boy.” It aired on KALW this past week in Hour 2 of “Fog City Blues,” which you can still catch here: http://www.kalw.org/music.html.

  2. excellent show, devon, i’m listening right now. great radio, thanks.

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