sick and tired of being sick and tired


i’ve been only posting the barest of entries lately, birthday remembrances and such, because i’ve been so sick. i just realized how long it’s been when i looked at my original posting of the Van Morrison song “The Way Young Lovers Do” – it was over a month ago, and i was so congested then that i hesitated to record a vocal. now the cough has subsided somewhat but i’ve lost my sense of smell (and taste, naturally). it’s just beyond boring.

i’ve been drawn into this debate around Jay Electronica’s public bet about women’s preferences for being choked in bed – crazy shit. people seem to be having a hard time figuring out what the problem is – are black women once again disparaging all black men, or being prudish about “alt” sex practices, or getting our panties in a twist for no reason? after 25 years of consciousness raising efforts on my part, i find myself getting tired of hearing the same defensive non-arguments put out there over and over. whether it is sexism or racism or homophobia or the class/caste system, people don’t want to change. we don’t want to see the ways we are desperately playing into a failing system, because we can’t quite see the world another way.

and i think that’s where ART steps in. while it is the job of the entertainers to entertain (“shuffle ball change”), it is the calling of artists to express the world somehow anew, to rearrange and create gaps in the fabric so that new things can be born.


2 responses to “sick and tired of being sick and tired

  1. Oh dear, sorry to hear you are so sick!
    Hope you feel better soon. I hate it when I can’t taste. It’s the worst.
    My ear is still clogged from having an ear infection before Thanksgiving and flying with it. Grrr. So I can’t hear 100%. We are like the two monkeys- well, in a sense — “taste no evil”!

  2. there shoulda been five monkeys, huh? are you taking medication for the ear infection? and how did that happen anyway – offshoot from a cold, or what?

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