you will not be forgotten, Teena Marie

okay. it is true. Teena Marie passed. besides being a funky, truly gifted musician, she always seemed like a very deep sweet soul who loved her family and friends with real passion. i admire Lady T. she was a creative person who fought for her vision in a time when women instrumentalists/songwriters/producers were not common, and found a black audience that accepted and loved her for who she was when the music industry didn’t know that was possible. i am really sad to hear she’s gone.

TVOne is re-airing Teena’s episode of “UnSung.

NPR did an interview where they talked about the lawsuit she won, (“The Brockert Initiative”) that changed the music game in artist’s favor, allowing them to get out of their contracts if the labels weren’t releasing their music.

Her Wiki page isn’t half bad

so many great songs, where to start?

If I Were A Bell and Tune In Tomorrow (thanks Questlove)

You Make Love Like Springtime (love her Brazilian grooves)


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