Ruined Lives


You have allowed a child molester, a predator of the worst, most venal kind, to work amongst you while you turned a blind eye to what he was doing to the children in his care,

I personally will call and email you as often as I can to remind you that you must do restitution to those victims of Sandusky that are known, and to all that are currently unknown but will eventually gain the courage to come forward.

You must support them emotionally, psychologically, financially, and mentally to heal. You must show them how sorry you are that you were not there for them when they were just children, but that you are there for them now.

You must applaud their bravery and courage for persevering when things must have seemed so hopeless and confusing – when an adult they trusted violated that trust savagely, promising them that their wildest dreams would come true, in exchange for their bodies.

You must take a stand. Be adults now, not cowards who are afraid of their boss. Stand up for the children you betrayed – all of them, even the ones who have not come forward yet.

You wanted to be heroes, people of the Second Mile Foundation. Now is your chance.

Alison Cecile Johns
+skype: 510-984-4832
twitter: alisoncecile


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