connect to me

Alison Cecile Johns



phone: 510-485-6634

Booking Information:

Pomegranate, Lotus and Plum

2703 7th Street, Suite 241

Berkeley, California  94710





2 responses to “connect to me

  1. Hey Allison,

    I love that you are doing this! Expressing your love of music and music culture through words and sharing it with us. What a Joy!

    Hearing your voice in the background, while I read your thoughts…nice ambience.

    Do your thing, sis!

  2. Brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT stuff. You have a voice like pure, refreshing rain water, chica. So clear, so beautiful, and the instrumentation blends and supports you perfectly. Keep up the amazing work and stay true to what you’re doing. You’ve really got a gift, luv. Let it shine x0x0

    Kami (aka BoweryBetty)

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